••••• India is facing a severe shortage of teachers at the ratio of 1:3 ••••• In 2015-16, in Karnataka, nearly 22,000 schools had two or fewer teachers ••••• 70% of the students attend vernacular medium government schools ••••• ~50% children of Std V are unable to read Std II level text ••••• ~75% children of Std III are unable to solve a 2 digit subtraction problem with borrow ••••• ~50% children sit in multi-grade classrooms •••••

EdZilla is a Bangalore based social enterprise that was started in Nov 2011 by three IITians to develop software solutions to enable quality education in rural India. The company develops low-cost tablet based solutions to deliver curriculum based eContent and games to school children. These solutions provide a fun learning environment for children besides facilitating organized learning and continuous evaluation. Through these solutions, EdZilla aims to lessen the burden of teachers in preparing material, correcting test papers etc. thus helping them to focus more on teaching.

Our Motivation

Less than 50% of our children in rural schools can read and even less can do basic arithmetic. This is a result of severe shortage of teachers (in 2015-16, in Karnataka, nearly 22,000 schools had two or fewer teachers), multi-grade classrooms, lack of infrastructure and many more such factors. If this trend continues, India which has the largest youth population in the world will also end up having the largest percentage of its youth unfit for most new-age jobs. This augurs ill for the progress of the country. More...

EdZilla has been founded to help overcome this malady through its educational products targeting vernacular curriculum. These products will be distributed free of cost to rural schools. It is important to note that distance learning is not suitable for rural children due to its lack of interactivity. Online education is not viable owing to a severe lack of infrastructure. Hence, EdZilla opted to develop easy-to-use products based on low-cost tablets. Click here to learn about EdZilla's ezTutor product suite.