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We envision a prosperous, inclusive and educated India powered by technology driven solutions.

Who we are

EdZilla is a Bangalore based social enterprise that was started in Nov 2011 by three IITians to develop software solutions to enable quality education in rural India. The company develops low-cost technology solutions specially tailored for rural India where poor or no Internet connectivity is the norm.

The key features of the solution are

  • Enriched, interactive, curricular content in the local language rendered on smart phones or low-cost tablets to facilitate self-learning
  • Adaptability to each child's learning pace and knowledge level
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) of the performance of each child
  • Enriched content as Teaching Learning Material(TLM) for teachers

Our motivation

  • Less than 50% of our children in rural schools can read and still less can do basic arithmetic
  • Severe dearth of trained teachers
  • Not enough teacher training institutes to catch up on the deficit any time soon
  • If this trend continues, India which has the largest youth population in the world may also end up having the largest percentage of its youth unfit for most new-age jobs

Turning this adversity into an opportunity to introduce technology assisted learning in rural schools is the need of the hour.

Our mission

  • Raise the quality of education in Government schools closer to that in private schools
  • Bring fast paced learning to rural India and make it a fun experience for children
  • Enable children to learn at home too, with parents
  • Bridge the e-divide between rural and urban children
  • Make a profound social impact through technology based solutions for quality education


The ones who run the company

Dr Rajugopal Gubbi

CEO & Founder

  • M Tech from IIT Madras
  • PhD in Wireless technology from Carlton University, Canada (Common wealth scholarship program)
  • Decades of experience designing and developing wireless communication products
  • 29 US patents in the field of wireless, multimedia and system design
  • Authored / Co-authored proposals for IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.3
  • Mentored students at PES Institute of Technology (PESIT), Bangalore
  • Loves Astronomy, the night skies and the telescope


Prabha Mysore

VP of Engineering & Founder

  • M Tech from IIT Madras
  • Decades of experience in the software industry
  • Managed both customized software and product development
  • Passionate about education, especially, rural education
  • Volunteered in government schools for many years to teach students and to train teachers to use technology
  • Fond of reading, writing and music


Mardava Gubbi

Director & Founder

  • B Tech and M Tech dual degree from IIT Madras
  • Contributed as Flight software engineer at TeamIndus - Axiom research laboratory, Bangalore for 3 years during their quest for the Google Lunar XPRIZE
  • Currently pursuing PhD in Medical Robotics at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, USA
  • Loves teaching
  • Lives and breathes books



The end-to-end solution

EdZilla's end-to-end solution is aimed at improving the quality of education in rural schools. The solution does not require Internet connection for its operation. Any school that has the basic infrastructure for charging devices (tablets or smart phones), can benefit from this solution.

This solution can also be used by anyone to create content for any domain and deploy it on tablets and smart phones for self-learning.

EzTextBook App

Click here to watch the demoDemo of EzTextBook
  • Stand alone Android app with no Internet connection required for operation
  • Multi-grade, multi-user environment for optimal use of hardware
  • Enriched curricular content
  • Self-learning tool for children
  • CCE tool and TLM for teachers
  • Interactive, fun learning environment
  • Adapts to the child's learning pace
Download from Google play store

EzMentor App

EzMentor updating another tab over Wi-Fi
  • Field mentor assistant
  • Content update to other devices using Wi-Fi
  • Collection of field data for periodic analysis by the back-end servlet
  • Automatic report generation where feasible
  • Easy-to-use report templates for manual entry
  • Continuous, on the job, training using EzTextBook
  • GPS based attendance tracking for accountability

EzMirror Application

EzMirror showing curricular content
  • General purpose online content authoring tool
  • Backend support by servlet
  • Adding text, images, media to the topic
  • Adding exercises under topic
  • Adding question to exercise and question bank
  • Reviewing, packaging, deploying

Download all the EdZilla apps from Google play store

Scholastic games

Age no bar. Anyone who wants to improve their English or Kannada vocabulary or sharpen their Arithmetic skills can use these games.

EzMath Basic Math games

Click here to watch the demoDemo of EzMath Basic Math games
  • All four basic Math operations in one suite
  • Learning and Challenge modes
  • User selected op and user supplied operands in learning mode
  • Animation of complete solution available in learning mode
  • Random selection of op and operands in challenge mode
  • User level decides complexity of problems
  • Ample help at every step
  • Score awarded for each correct step
  • Correction shown as animation
Download from Google play store

EzEnglish word games

Click here to watch the demoDemo of EzEnglish word games
  • Five different word games in a single suite
  • Random selection of games
  • User level decides complexity of words
  • Score awarded for each correct letter
  • Words from user's own textbook
  • Emphasis on listening to the pronunciation
  • Ample help at each step
Download from Google play store

EzKannada word game

Click here to watch the demoDemo of EzKannada word game
  • Synonym or meaning given
  • Score awarded for each correct phoneme
  • Ample help at each step
  • User level decides complexity of words
  • Fun way to improve vocabulary
Download from Google play store

The EducateZilla Program

As the saying goes 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'. We are extremely proud of how our NGO arm, Suvidya Foundation, has provided such proof by deploying the solution in rural government schools across Karnataka as part of its EducateZilla program. Suvidya Foundation used the EzMirror suite to develop enriched content for the Karnataka state Kannada medium syllabus. Suvidya Foundation also created training material for its field mentors using EzMirror. Now Suvidya Foundation has used EzMirror to create preparation material for the National Means cum Merit Scholarship(NMMS) examination.

Click here for more details on the program.

EdZilla products being used in a rural school


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